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Online payment refers to money that is exchanged electronically. Typically, this involves use of computer networks, the internet and digital stored value systems. When you collect a payment over the internet, you are accepting an online payment.

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Pay a Bill

Professional Service and Products.
Allowing a customer of a financial institution to transfer money from their bank to your account.

Membership Fee

Software, Fitness Gym, or Social Club.
Regular fees often paid to an organisation at regular intervals to be able to continuously receive the services.


Charity or Local Community Event.
Money that are given to help a person or organization, or the act of giving them to benefit a cause.

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One-off Payment

Standard One-time

Transaction that does not establish any continuous relationship between a buyer and a seller. That is, the buyer purchases something once and the payment process is over.


Recurring Auto-Pay

The consumer has given permission for a merchant to deduct payments for goods or services each month from the consumer's bank account or to automatically charge his credit card in the amount due each month.

Own it, Pay Later

Split Auto-payment

A digital service that makes it possible to buy something now and pay it off in fortnightly instalments. Customer will get the product right away by splitting the cost of items into four equal payment.

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